Solo Roasteria

Solo Roasteria

Based on the case of the Roasteria coffee company, players develop their command of management software and business processes independently and at their own pace. Guided by the management software’s chatbot, they first learn how to configure the data needed to set up an integrated information system that supports the management of their coffee business and then how to fulfil Roasteria’s main business activities. A ranking of the fastest players means that the game can be played as a real test of how to master the tools and the process.

Learning scenarios

  • master data
  • ERP
  • controlling
  • cash conversion cycle (cash-to-cash)


  • individual games
  • chatbot assistant
  • autocorrection
  • based on Odoo
  • hosted in the cloud
  • support

CHF 25.-

user / day *

*  the game is included in our Inizio, Pratico and Maestro packages