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Be part of the action by running your own coffee business! From the fields of Ethiopia to restaurant tables, players create their product lines, promote them and organise their operations to achieve the best possible results.

Our simulation games follow a logical progression to ensure an effective learning experience. Mano is the “hands on” version of the game. In a team environment, participants learn about key business processes by physically handling products and documents without a computer. The objective of this game is to make the players understand the importance of an information system.

In the Solo version, the player starts with the processes from the Mano game and configures them within a management application: Odoo. Through contextual help, each player learns individually how to configure and control Odoo in order to accomplish, at their own pace, the tasks necessary to successfully complete the business process.

The Largo game builds on the skills developed in Mano and Solo to offer participants an exciting and formative experience. In this version, participants are immersed in a competitive market where they must achieve, in real time and as part of a team, the best possible performance. Coordination, decision making, process control and management software are crucial to winning.

1 Day
CHF 1000

The perfect solution if you want to experiment with business management. Ideal for a one-day introduction to business processes and ERP.

1x Mano game (10 kits)

1x Solo Premium game

1x Largo game (4 hours)

CHF 1600

The ideal addition to management training courses. Illustrates aspects of business management, processes, decision-making and information systems.

1x Mano game (10 kits)

1x Solo Premium game

5x Largo game (2 hours)

Block Course
CHF 3000

The capstone for business schools. The competition that allows you to define and implement your strategy using modern management tools

1x Mano game (10 kits)

1x Solo Premium game

5x Largo game (4 hours)

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