Aroolla creates new ways to teach and experience business management with a range of serious games based on Odoo software.

Thanks to the collaboration between the Haute école de gestion Arc (HES-SO), HEC Lausanne and Camptocamp, Aroolla serious games are backed by expertise in two additional areas: many years of teaching experience from teachers in information systems management, and Odoo’s extensive development and integration work carried out in Switzerland and abroad by Odoo’s first Gold Partner.

Aroolla products are intended for higher education institutions as well as Odoo integrators and users. They will be able to demonstrate Odoo’s potential to their clients thanks to the realistic and fun nature of Aroolla games. Our games covers a wide range of educational objectives and allows multiple learning scenarios to be created: from discovering business processes to master data management and business process execution to implementing a business strategy.

Based on an open source kernel, Aroolla games can easily be adapted to your needs. Whether it’s to modify an existing game or create a specific scenario, Aroolla’s teams have many years of experience in designing serious games.

Do you want to use Aroolla games but don’t know how to set them up? Aroolla’s teams are at your disposal to help you prepare your classes or visit your college or university.

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Our concept

Aroolla offers new ways to teaching and experience business management through a range of serious games that simulate complex business environments.

By immersing participants in stimulating and life-like situations, simulation games create a dynamic environment where players mobilise and develop their skills in order to win the game. This allows them to try different options without fear of real risks and learn from their mistakes through feedback from the game. The use of different interaction methods and games of increasing difficulty allows for increasingly complex learning opportunities.

Business processes and management software are evolving at an ever-increasing pace which is pushing people to regularly adapt the way they work. In response to this challenge, Aroolla games have been designed to accompany training in digital business processes and changes in management tools.

Aroolla games are designed to be integrated into educational programmes for both academic courses and in-company training courses. The games come with educational material for the learners and teaching notes for the course leader to ensure that the participants don’t just have fun but also acquire new skills and knowledge.


Serious games immerse participants in complex environments.


Each action will influence how the process unfolds and will provide information on performance.


Largo games put the different teams in competition with each other in a single market.


Serious games allow users to be trained in conditions similar to those in real life.

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