Largo Roasteria

Largo Roasteria

In a highly competitive market, players compete in real time in a competition in which only the best managers will succeed and win. Under the pressure of time and other teams, each group must organise its business to deliver the best possible performance. Defining the range of products and their selling prices, ensuring production and logistics, organising marketing campaigns and investing in production capacity are all tasks that must be mastered in order to rise to the top of the leader board. Of course, the level of difficulty evolves as the game progresses to allow players to learn and understand the challenges of each of these activities.

Learning scenarios

  • operations management
  • strategy
  • performance analysis


  • games in teams of 4
  • intro and extended versions
  • competing teams
  • based on Odoo
  • hosted in the cloud
  • support

CHF 25.-

user / day *

* the game is included in our InizioPratico and Maestro packages